Load bearing framing

Metek offer a load bearing framing solution manufactured from cold-formed galvanised light steel members.

All solutions are designed and engineered specifically to suit your project requirements by our in house technical team, using our comprehensive range of sections.

Key Benefits

  • Upto 50% lighter than conventional systems
  • Even lighter than Timber frame systems
  • Dimensionally accurate members
  • Not subject to differential movement due to thermal expansion or contraction
  • Does not suffer from drying out settlement and/or cracking over time
  • Lightweight steel floor or concrete flooring options
  • Usable for low and medium rise applications upto and including 120 minutes fire resistance
  • Stair and lift cores can be formed by the system without a secondary structure
  • A or A+ rated under BRE green guide
  • High levels of airtightness possible
  • Ultra low u-values possible for fabric first applications

Residential separating walls

Metek residential separating walls consist of two independent leafs of cold formed stud work forming a ‘Twin wall’ offering the highest level performance possible whilst maintaining an economic footprint.

Designed specifically to allow acoustic credits to be claimed with BREEAM residential and CfSH, the system option represents a robust offer for high performance applications.

Fully compliant with approved document L1A requirements for 0 W/m2K u-value thermal transmittance when sealed and full filled with mineral wool insulation, whilst also achieving a conventional thermal u-value.

Twin wall
Resilient bar wall

Corridor and "room for residential purposes" walls

Metek have developed a space efficient single leaf wall system, that maximises usable floor space whilst still offering adequate performance against the building regulations.

Ideal for residential corridors, student accommodation cluster flat walls and hotel bedroom walls, the system once lined for 60 minutes fire resistance is only 198mm wide comparing very favourably against traditional forms of construction.

Where necessary thermal performance for unheated applications can realised economically without significantly increasing overall width.

Internal load bearing walls

Metek internal load bearing walls consist of a single leaf of 100mm wide cold formed stud work ready to recieve linings by following trades.

The structural nature of these walls means that heavy elements such as televisions, radiators or sink units can be easily attached without introducing secondary frame work, our system also offers the flexiblity to integrate knock out panels for future adaption under life time homes.

Internal wall
Masonry facade

External walls

The Metek load bearing external wall system is space efficent lightweight steel stud wall system capable of providing restraint of ground bearing masonry outer leaves or supporting most lightweight cladding systems, inclualloding composite insulated panels, external wall insulation render systems or rainscreen cladding.

Designed to offer the potential for ultra low u-values with a economically efficent footprint, as a hybrid frame system the unique benefit is that insulation can located both within and external to the stud work. This for example would enable a facing brick wall to achieve a 0.19 W/m2K u-value whilst being only 337mm wide measured from outside of brick to inside of plasterboard. Furthermore u-values as low as 0.1 W/m2K are economically possible.

System details