Stairs, Balconies and & Shafts

The Metek framing system has been designed to enable direct attachment and incorporation of architectural elements such as balconies, lift shafts and communal stair cases without the introduction of secondary structure that many other lightweight systems are unable to incorporate.

All solutions are designed and engineered specifically to suit your project requirements by our in house technical team.


The Metek system allows for a diverse range of range of different balcony types to be attached to the frame including cantilever, integral, free standing and winter gardens.

The support methodology is tailored to suit the particular balcony envisioned for the scheme. There are few dimensional restrictions in the size of balcony that can be accommodated. Moreover due to project specific high strength connections, our system minimises the number of points of connection back to the frame and thus reduces the overall thermal bridge through the faƧade. Generally our balcony support system has half the number of connections back to the structure as a conventional balcony fixed to a reinforced concrete frame. We have also developed a unique thermal isolation plate which significantly minimises cold bridging.

Strong and robust, our typical balcony platform is formed of hot dip galvanised structural steel sections as a fully welded frame offering the highest corrosion resistance and life to first maintenance. The platform is installed ready to receive a finishing deck, soffit, flashings and balustrading by others as required.

Typical Balcony

Typical Stair


The Metek system is designed to accommodate precast stair communal stair flights with cores.

These Precast concrete flights and landings are produced for Metek to a high standard of finish and dimensional accuracy. Concrete stairs can be made as straight flights or with attached landings to suit the scheme requirements. Installation of precast concrete staircases is quick and clean and units can be used by Metek and other trades for access above as soon as they are installed. Precast stairs have inherent sound and fire resistance and are supported by Metek’s hot-rolled steel support structure.

Lift Shafts

Metek’s structural lift shaft is built ready to receive the lift car, rails and lifting beam.

Lift shafts are formed using light steel frame with a hot rolled steel ring beam at each floor level. Prefabricated and lift brand specific lift overruns are designed, manufactured and installed by Metek. A fire resistant plasterboard lining is installed later by others.

Typical Lift Shaft

System details