Hotel & Leisure

Metek have a wealth of experience in Hotel construction, having been involved in the superstructure construction for many leading brand Hotel chains for many years.

A variety of projects as listed below have been constructed using the Metek system, to strict time limits and exacting dimensions, delivered by our team of experienced designers, manufacturers and installers.

  • Travelodge Windsor
  • Days Hotel M25 Cobham
  • Ramada Warrington & Ipswich
  • Days Inn M25 Cobham
  • Stay City York
  • Premier Inn Sunderland & Brixton

Light steel frame construction has been used by Metek on several Hotel projects. Construction fabric has been adopted to meet client needs, where concrete floors are now common, intermediate light weight Gyvlon floor have also been provided as well as light pre-constructed floor cassettes. Curved walls and roofs have been successfully constructed using cost efficient modes of construction. Many hotels require open ground floor open spaces and these have been provided by Metek’s own hot-rolled steel company.

King Edwards Court, Windsor

Advantages of Metek Light steel Framing in Hotel construction

  • Semi-circular plan form with curved with curved facetted façade
  • Brown field site required light weight construction
  • Good sound insulation achieved by single leaf walls
  • Floor constructed on a ‘splay’ with site cut decking
  • Fast construction system
  • Rapid dry envelope
  • Composite concrete floor construction
  • Brown field site construction
  • Quality of finish
  • Construction period reduced by up to 30%
  • Safe construction process
  • Bathroom pods placed by Metek during construction
  • Cost effective light steel construction
  • Sustainability achievements

Stay City, ApartHotel - York

Stay City Hotel, York

The 197 serviced apartments are complemented by 2 restaurants and an on-site gym. The total building area is 9000m2, and was built using Metek’s light steel framing supported on a steel framed podium at first floor. The curved façade was made by faceting the light steel wall panels by 4.50° at the window positions.

The floors had a maximum span of 5.3m and were formed using a 170 mm deep composite slab that was supported by the load-bearing cross-walls. Slim floor beams using 200 mm deep steel H sections provided larger open areas and spanned over the corridors. A 50 mm deep screed was placed on the slab for the embedded services.

The chosen cladding system consisted of large insulated panels that were fixed to the light steel framework. The duo-pitch roof was constructed with an internal valley, and a plant room was located on the roof.

Metek delivered the decking, reinforced slim floor beams and steel columns and pre-cast concrete stairs as part of their light steel package. Metek’s construction period for the complex building form was from May to September 2015, and the project will be completed in mid-2016.