Metek has an excellent portfolio of successfully built healthcare projects. Metek are one of the few companies that have in-house design, manufacture and contracting, giving customers a one-stop experience and a single point of responsibility.

A variety of projects as listed below have been constructed using the Metek system, to strict time limits and to exacting dimensions delivered by our team of experienced designers, manufacturers and installers.

  • Walsgrave PFI Hospital, Coventry
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Edith Cavell Hospital

Advantages of Metek Light Steel Framing in Healthcare buildings

  • Significantly reduced time on site vs masonry
  • Increased quality
  • Faster speed of construction
  • BIM, Revit modelled
  • Hot rolled steel incorporated as part of the light steel frame
  • Light weight provides thermally responsive construction and good energy efficiency.
  • Safer construction process
  • Non-combustible construction
  • Sheathing can be rigid high performance insulation with brick cladding or cement particle board where cladding or rain screen are specified.
  • Savings in foundation/slab weights
  • Less site waste
  • Structural performance substantiated by tests
  • High levels of insulation and airtightness easily achieved
  • Predictability of process
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Steel construction can be designed to achieve high levels of acoustic insulation and low vibration response to meet stringent NHS requirements, without compromising structural efficiency.

Photo of Walsgrave Hospital

Walsgrave PFI Hospital, Coventry

Metek’s light steel infill walling system was used to create the building envelope at Walsgrave PFI Hospital under a tight construction programme. Deliveries, site storage, waste and disruption had to be minimised, which was achieved by specifying Metek’s light steel infill walling. The Metek package included supply and fixing of the cement particle board sheathing and the steel wind posts.