Metek has an excellent portfolio of successfully built commercial projects. Metek are one of the few companies that have in house design, manufacture and contracting, giving customers a one-stop experience and a single point of responsibility.

  • Newport Station reconstruction
  • Plymouth Diagnostic and Treatment centre
  • Birmingham Centre Public House
  • Trowbridge Hitachi offices
  • Birmingham Cinema frontage and redevelopment
  • Stoke on Trent store frontage and new entrance
  • Bristol Office external façade
  • London Office façade

Within this area of expertise, our work includes complete design solutions and a variety of applications as well as renovation, office planning, infill walls, over-roofing and curved structures. Metek's design team can offer design led solutions specific to a project brief.

The Metek Building System is well suited for designs requiring detailing such as curved structures and the use of our FrameCad software, can easily produce alternative design options. As we have our own in house hot-rolled steel factories, we are able to offer bespoke cost effective solutions to many complex buildings.

Advantages of Light Steel Framing in commercial buildings

  • Demountable walls and versatile office planning
  • Rapid dry envelope
  • Additional floors
  • Increased speed of construction
  • Reduced time on-site
  • Quality of steelwork
  • Many cladding options

Building Conversion

Metek's fast track system met the demands of a complex refurbishment project in Birmingham city centre.

Metek frames were designed and installed in complex existing openings and used to create a new public house together with commercial facilities. Site surveys enabled accurate bespoke frames to be installed, thus ensuring the contractor met their tight deadline. Improvement of a large fashion retail store in Stoke-on-Trent allowed the versatility of the Metek system to be fully explored. The curved façade was achieved using light steel frames, formed in curved panels and supported with light steel flat plate.

Diagnostic and Treatment Centre

Using fast track, load bearing frames for the Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in Plymouth, the key decisions for choosing Metek were:

  • Speed of construction - 10 week construction plan
  • Load bearing capacity - the frames had to carry high service loads
  • Fast track design enabling M&E service to be completed at design stage
  • Fully assembled panels with a multitude of large service openings
  • Direct responsibility for installation through in-house erection teams