Metek BIM

Building information modelling has been in existence for a number of years with wider adoption by the construction industry only occurring relatively recently as government policy now provides impetus to adoption with central government having mandated all capital projects of over £5m as needing to be BIM level 2 compliant by 2016.

Metek have been using a BIM process for over ten years starting with internal 3D CAD models to drive our manufacturing and erection process and more recently onto full collaborative working and model exchange as a fully integrated specialist within a core project design team.

However BIM when utilised fully is more than just adoption of software but a process of cultural change which can deliver high quality fully co-ordinated and documented buildings on time and cost to end clients. It also enables post occupancy management of the asset from accurate data without later incurring investigative costs.

Metek BIM is a proven, award winning 5D process used internally to deliver all schemes we construct. The process encompasses all stages of our delivery process from pre-construction design through to post completion ‘As Built’ documentation. Uniquely our models are full fidelity containing 1:1 construction level details as fully intelligent documented objects.

Metek Model
Metek Model

Metek have a belief that construction level modelling unlock's significant client value for offsite construction methods in ensuring that the superstructure is fully co-ordinated with following interfaces. This is subject to through documentation produced by the wider design team being available for incorporation during the primary modelling phase. This enables true virtual prototyping of a building prior to construction so that common problems can be designed out.

To this end we have developed a methodology that enables, manufacturing level ‘shop’ drawings, programme information (time) and cost information to be derived directly from model data and interrogated accordingly.

The core facet to facilitating this is applying a meaningful identifier to each element within the model, which is also present with in our wider documentation. The identifier can then be used meaningfully to drive programme, costing, manufacturing and operations on site, quantifying results.

Metek BIM Process

This process is iterative in nature adding levels of detail as the scheme progresses towards construction allowing for early collaboration and model interchange. In the future the process will enable level 3 interworking once suitable tools and processes exist.

The Metek BIM process as applied to Oval Quarter was successfully awarded Winner in the BIM Project Excellence at the Construction News Specialist Awards 2015 with the judges commenting

"Excellent example of the design toolset being applied throughout a company at all levels. They have fully embraced the digital culture.

In February 2016, we were again winners in the same category with the judges commenting:

Metek’s ongoing commitment and investment in BIM continues to deliver demonstrable benefits and business improvements for their clients and themselves. Their work, particularly around design for manufacture, procurement and erection is exemplary; and demonstrates a mature ‘business as usual’ approach to BIM where the manufacturing process is driving the site assembly process. Metek has a high level of maturity and is leading by example. The firm has built in its own efficiencies and has an impressive capacity to expand. Great example of owning the technology and not relying on others. Metek has continued on its journey and pushed the boundaries even further.

To find out more about how using the Metek building system to construct your project can deliver benefits please contact us.

Naturally BIM objects are available upon request.

Metek Model

Advantages of the Metek building system

The Metek Building system enables complex wall panels to be manufactured quickly and cost effectively, including curved structures.

Key Benefits - Metek BIM

  • Metek have been using a BIM tool set since 2010.
  • All schemes are designed in 3D.
  • All pre-construction phasing and scheduling is checked operating directly from the Metek building models.
  • Metek model can be interchanged with wider design team.
  • BIM used for construction with 1:1 LOD model all fabrication information embedded.
  • Full set of Revit and IFC families available upon request.

Key Benefits - Metek Building System

  • Lightweight construction
  • Off-site manufacture
  • Early dry envelope
  • Minimum waste from site
  • Steel offcuts are recycled
  • Minimum disturbance to the locality
  • BRE Green Guide A+ or A rating
  • ‘Just in time’ deliveries
  • ‘Dry’ construction technology
  • High levels of airtightness possible
  • Ultra low u-values possible for fabric first applications
  • Future adaptability